Swing Spring 2013



Come join us at Himos in May 2013, when all Finnish Lindy Hoppers meet at Swing Spring 2013! Our amazing Finnish teachers will make you learn and enjoy dancing, while our band Jimbino Vegan and the Jazz Cannibals will make you dance and swing on three evening parties out of four.


06-05-2013 Dancing Angel Danceproducts

Dancing Angel Danceproducts will be selling dance shoes and other dance accessories on Friday and Saturday. There are offering a 10% discount for all camp participants.

23-04-2013 Party pass

Party pass is now available on the registration form.

03-04-2013 The waiting list for single follows is full!

The registration is unfortunately closed for single followers since our waiting list is already on the long side. Therefore, it's best to register with a partner, because that way you get partner discount and you will confirm your spot at the camp. Your partner doesn't need to be on the same level as you. The follows on the waiting list are encouraged to look for a partner on Facebook, for instance. You will receive the partner discount even if you find a partner later!

02-04-2013 The Swing Spring 2013 T-shirts have arrived!

The camp T-shirts have arrived! We still have them in all sizes, though only few in some of them. If you are already registered and didn't order a T-shirt but would like to have one, contact !

14-02-2013 The official band of the camp has been confirmed

Jimbino Vegan and the Jazz Cannibals come straight from the streets of New Orleans! --> Check out this video!

Jazz Cannibals

16-12-2012 Registration is now open!

Registration has been opened! You can now register here.

12-12-2012 Registration opens on Sunday!

Registration will open at 3pm on Sunday December 16th. Welcome to Swing Spring!

26-11-2012 Swing Spring T-Shirt

The fearless Swing Spring commando squad has performed a successful T-shirt raid! A high quality shirt of fresh spring green hue was carefully selected to be worthy of the gorgeous Swing Spring 2013 logo. Separate models for men and women are available. You can order this fashionable must-have garment while registering for the event!

Naisten paita Miesten paita

10-11-2012 Swing Spring is here again!

We are happy to confirm that there will be another Swing Spring dance camp in May 2013! Once again the camp will take place at Himos, Jämsä, with beautiful views, cottages with saunas etc. Our mission is to make the camp at least as awesome as it was last time, be it in terms of teaching, partying or practical arrengements.

We will be using the same pricing system as last time, meaning that the quicker you register, the cheaper your camp will be. Information on registering and other camp related things will first be sent to last year's participants and the members of Swing Spring Facebook group. So, join in and welcome to Swing Spring 2013!

On behalf of the Swing Spring 2013 organisers,